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I organised my Fathers funeral through here back in January (2018).Well when I say organized I didn't actually have to do anything other than call them when the time came and sit down with a incredibly lovely women in the comfort of my own home to choose what the family wanted. 
Unfortunately I've had a few funerals over the last 5 years and this company made the hardest one of them so unstressful. It's incredibly good value for money considering the excellent service they provide. Catherine is very straight over the phone but thats only because she gets the job done, she's efficient which more than i can say for other company's I've dealt get the polite sympathy receptionist on the phone but when they hang up nothing gets done. Catherine gets the job done. Fast. Because that's what you ultimately want....not spending everyday on the phone over minor things when you've lost someone precious. 
Don't be put off thinking a local funeral / caretaker will do a better job and be worth the extra cost because I honestly can't recommend this company enough and I reside in Stratford. It's not something you go around recommending,its a funeral service after all....but I've had elderly friends of my late father ask for their details so they can either plan ahead or show their children. They are a very popular company, very busy with clients, but I never once felt rushed or pushed into anything. 
The flowers we ordered looked fresh and well done, and the priest they provided for a catholic service did a fantastic job of making such a morbid day turn into a celebration of the life he had rather than a dreary service. Roy walked my Father into the crematorium and cemetery like he was a royal subject. The honor and respect Roy displayed made me proud and was noted by many. 
Thank you so much for making the day run smoothly!! 
Catherine, Roy and their team did my Father proud. Catherine was very upfront and straight to deal with and Roy directed the service with respect and empathy. We can't thank them enough for making what was a difficult time much easier to deal with. It might sound strange but I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much Brooks.. 
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