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Traditional Wooden Coffins 
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Traditional Wooden Coffins 

Traditional 'shaped' coffins, made of hard oak or elm wood, have been used for years. Only since hardwood became expensive to buy, soft woods (such as pine), or 'chipboard veneered' coffins became the cheaper alternative. These coffins can be finished with handles and nameplates. Chipboard veneered coffins are by far the biggest seller at present, as they are strong and reasonably priced. Please click on any image below to see an enlarged version of the selected image. 
Chiltern Elm - £250.00
Chiltern Elm 
Chiltern Oak - £250.00
Chiltern Oak 
Chiltern Sapele - £250.00
Chiltern Sapele 
Tudor Rose - £300.00
Tudor Rose 
Glitter coffin £990
Glitter coffin 
Brinkley Oak - £350.00
Brinkley Oak 
Carlton Elm - £350.00
Carlton Elm 
Last Supper - £400.00
Last Supper 
Named Chiltern Oak - £400.00
Named Chiltern Oak 
Obeche Golden Oak - £450.00
Obeche Golden Oak 
Longdon Oak - £600.00
Longdon Oak 
Windsor Oak - £625.00
Windsor Oak 
Aston Oak - £1,500.00
Aston Oak 
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