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Caskets - Hardwood Collection 

Caskets provide an impressive alternative to a traditional wooden coffin. They are either made of solid wood or steel sheet. They come fully finished with quality plush linings, and include all fixtures and fittings that embellish the exterior of the caskets. Please click on any image below to see an enlarged version of the selected image. 
Purity £1,950.00  
Provincial £1,850.00 
Marshall £7,260.00 
Corpus Christi £2,025.00 
Royal £4,200.00 
New England Oak £2,200.00 
Regent £1,890.00 
Manhattan £2,850.00 
Forestville £2,340.00  

Caskets - Metal Collection 

Innocence £960.00  
Rosalia £1,980.00  
Royal Blue £1,900.00 
Devotion £1,550.00 
Alexius £5,400.00  
Verona £2,220.00 
Kennedy £4,425.00 
Platinum Royal £1,830.00 
Pure Gold £1,950.00  
Maxence £2,700.00  
Centurion £2,055.00 
Tearose £1,800.00 

Cremation Casket Biodegradable. Suitable for cremation. White finish. White interior. Swing bar handles. 

Purity Metal Casket - Infant Collection
Alaska £885.00 
Purity Family Caskets - Infant Collection
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